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Best CBSE School in Hadapsar Pune

Clara School is a co-educational school following CBSE Syllabus in Pune providing world-class education in a multi-cultural environment. Clara Global School is the Best CBSE School in Hadapsar Pune. It delivers Best Teaching Method. The school has a low student-teacher ratio & has partnered with Speaking Tree Education Institution. This prestigious institution has guided us in creating a concept-driven curriculum targeted at stimulating your child mentally and intellectually.

Personality Development

Clara focuses on developing your child as a whole person.

International Mentoring

International Mentoring Through Associations With Japan And US

Best CBSE School in Hadapsar Pune


At Clara security standards are the highest to ensure the safety of child


Highly specialized cleaning solutions used to maintain hygiene.


Nurture Students at Every Stage of Age

Clara nurtures students at a very young age as they stand by the thought that students, inculcated with knowledge and values at a young age, achieve success in a better way.

Pre Primary & Day Care

We Offer the best Practice of Modern Pre Primary School Education.

Primary School

Overview of our best offerings with programme and Facilities.

Secondary School

We as Clara focuses on the Overall development of Students.

XI & XII College

Best Education facility of Higher Secondary Certificate education.

Principal's Message

From Head Mistress Desk...

Those who can do, do; Those who can’t, teach.

We teachers bite our tongues and resist the urge to really justify what it is we teachers DO!!!
Apart from making kids think for themselves, question, inquire, learn and imagine, there are a hundred other things that we teachers find ourselves doing! Our hearts burst with pride when we see our students stand a little taller and speak with confidence; Our eyes well up with tears when a little fellow says “da-da” after six months of total silence; We quiver with anticipation when we see our students take part in competitions; we make parents see their children for who they are and what they can be….

Mrs. Patricia James


Parents Speaks about Clara

JAINA DESAI Student: Yash Desai

We are happy with the books issued at the library. It has helped Yash a lot and he is picking up reading now.

SHAHEEN PATHAN Student: Ayesha Pathan

Ayesha likes the story books very much. It helps to improve her reading skills. She tries to learn new things every day.

MANISHA KHARADE Student: Shruti Kharade

Shruti is enjoying her school to the fullest. We are really happy with her progress.She likes her teacher

MONISHA DASS Student: Jerusha Dass

Every day I hear a new story from Jerusha and this helps me to be and act her age. I love the way she narrates all the stories she hears here


Some Glimpse of Our Achievements

No. 1 in India under the Top CBSE schools - parameter wise for "HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT"

CLARA GLOBAL SCHOOL is ranked No. 1 in India under the Top CBSE schools in parameter wise for "HOLISTIC DEVELOPMENT" in a survey conducted by Education Today.

No.1 in Maharashtra under the CBSE Parameter for "Individual Attention to Student"

CLARA GLOBAL SCHOOL Ranked No.1 in Maharashtra under the CBSE Parameter for "Individual Attention to Student" and Ranked No.9 in Maharashtra in the category “Parents Choice Awards" by Education Today.