Principal's Message

From Principal's Desk...

Mrs. Sarika Babar

Director, Clara Global School

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Clara Global School! A school with a difference! A school that understands the true meaning of the word “Education” which includes teaching, encouraging,instructing, mentoring, influencing, guiding and above all inspiring! In the words of Robert John Meehan-“We are not just teachers, we are the managers of the world’s greatest resource – Children”.

Clara Global School believes in imparting the best type of education through the Global Classroom Curriculum that has concepts like “Compete with yourself”, “Yes I can!”,“Instant Feedback and Control of Error” “Peer Tutorage” etc. that help to develop confident, compassionate and well balanced global citizens who are capable of bringing creativity, originality and integrity to every facet of life. Our curriculum has been recognized as one of the most advanced teaching methodology for school going children and its 6 Tier system makes it stress-free for both children and parents.

At Clara our focus is on creating a conducive environment where latent innate talents, abilities, gifts and skills are developed to their maximum potential. In this fast moving times of the 21 st Century where education needs to keep up with a modernized world we want to ensure that our students have an all-round holistic development so that they can face the future boldly with confidence and success. The curriculum has activities that are designed to enhance every concept that is taught in the classroom. Students are encouraged to excel in academics, cultivate life skills and have social responsibility and concern for one’s environment.

Our Motto is “Dream, Believe, Achieve” and we instill our students with the ability that they can achieve all their dreams!

~Mrs. Sarika Babar