JR KG & SR KG School

Junior KG (LKG) and Senior KG (UKG) School in Hadapsar, Pune

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Children that are from 3.5 years to 5.5 years belong to kindergarten. The best senior kg school and junior kg school in Hadapsar is CLARA which offers CBSE board for children and is known for their excellent teachers/mentors. Bring your children to bloom like a flower in their own special way.

Children are just like flowers; each are unique and wonderful in their own way and bloom at their own pace. We ensure they make steady, persistent efforts and continue developing themselves where their best qualities will come to shine.

As your child will enter a new academic year, he/she will make a fresh start. A clear path to achieving their dreams, in the path of learning and self-development. Out teachers trust the children that they will shine and advance by encouraging one another as good friends striving together.

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Why Choose JR KG & SR KG School?

The encouragement we provide to each student is something that is very important as it gives each child hope to achieve something and be a winner. The harder we work together, the glorious the record each year. Here are few things that you can expect from us & why your child will benefit from enrolling with us

  1. Giving hope through real life experiences
  2. Being a comforting presence to each child
  3. Speaking politely that reduces child anxiety
  4. Listen patiently to each child
  5. Become a heroic example
  6. Teaching others to be kind

Watch Video of Parent Testimonial

Parents have mentioned some great qualities & experiences about their child/children at Clara. Hope this encourages other parents too.

Looking Jr KG & Sr KG in Hadapsar, Pune?

Every child has a ‘greater self’ with the infinite potential to be happy and help others. Children studying at Clara will understand self-developing qualities and tap their potential by becoming great human beings.