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Pre-Primary CBSE Affiliated School in Hadapsar, Pune

Hadapsar is a well-developed town in Pune, Maharashtra which is very well connected to top areas like Koregaon Park, Pune Station, Shivaji Nagar and many more. Having a Pre-primary CBSE school in Hadapsar can benefit the parents as it has a lot to offer for children of playgroup, pre-nursery, junior kg, senior kg, LKG, and UKG kids with many amenities all under one roof.

CLARA School follows CBSE syllabus with top-notch education for your little ones in a multi-cultural environment. In order to stimulate the child’s intellectual memory, our school believes in concept-driver curriculum. We are on a mission to provide scientific learning environment to engage them in physical activities, stimulate intellectual curiosity and bring out inner peace and unwavering focus and dedication through the art of meditation.

CLARA has a vision and that is to bring out the confidence, compassion, creativity, and originality in these up-coming future generation who will make this school and their family proud one day.

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Clara Global School

Play Group

With qualified teachers and experienced supervisors, we say you are rest assured and leave your little one to experience art & craft, structured activities, adventure play, movement, book reading and so much more. Everyone is learning here from one another and will help building trust as they be around other children. Drop-in with your child and see how our sessions take place, and let your child feel welcomed here in this friendly environment.


As parents you want to ensure that your child is in good hands and experienced caretakers. Well, CLARA assures you your toddler will be provided with lots of love and care. They say you must start young, and hence we want you to trust us as we are here to offer great socializing and developing skills with fun and play. So, no matter where you choose to enroll your little one, you can be confident that the teaching and care will be of the best standard that will be a perfect fit for you and your child.

Junior KG

Hey parents, are your waiting when your child will start reciting numbers, alphabets, independent writing, and pronunciations? All of it happens in Junior KG where your child will be going one step ahead! Along with learning and writing, your child will also be learning dance, drama, arts etc. CLARA is your one stop solution for your child’s future! Feel proud by enrolling your little one with us.

Senior KG

Senior KG is for children who are 4 years and above. CLARA believes in a holistic approach in order to promote individual strengths and values. Initial years of a child’s well-being and mind development are the most crucial years as during this phase the child tends to grasp all that he/she can. Our approach and methods are tailored for each child in order to bring balance and harmony.

Why Choose Our Pre-Primary School?

Our main focus for each and every child who enrolls with CLARA is personal development right from the start. With regular sessions and correct teaching techniques we assure parents that their child will build self-confidence, ace public speaking, have great inter-personal skills, be a problem solver and have great leadership qualities. Your child will also be exposed to international mentoring through associates from the US and Japan who engage with our students on regular basis.
Some qualities of CLARA that will make you want to enroll your child right away –

1. Team work and leadership
2. Empathy
3. Involvement of every child
4. Immediate feedback and control errors
5. Trust
6. Complete security
7. Hygiene

Watch Video of Parent Testimonial

With great reviews from our parents, we can only build more and more trust for those who want to enroll their children with CLARA and see their child turn into a wonderful butterfly that will flap its wings into a glorious future ahead. Your trust in us only helps us reach out to more!

Looking CBSE Pre-Primary School in Hadapsar, Pune?

If you wish to see your child’s talent and skills unfolding at every step, then CLARA is the place for you and your child. Be a part of your child’s academic journey with us and watch them grow. Spread the word with other parents around your neighborhood by sharing this link with them and have a look at the fee or simply ask us a question and clear all your worries and doubts with us.