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Nursery School in Hadapsar Pune

Clara has been running the best & a successful nursery school with CBSE board in Hadapsar, Pune. A child’s growth can be likened to a tree. A small sapling will grow into a tall tree after many years. A person who has not seen the sapling in a long time is bound to amazed when they discover it becoming a towering tree. Similarly in our school, at every stage and every class they move into, the child’s life will transform from a sapling to a tree.

We cannot expect an overnight transformation of a tree or a person, hence we recommend that you let your child grow in our school from start to end and watch them bloom. CLARA is recommended as one of the best nursery schools in Pune, Maharashtra. The efforts as teachers and mentors we put in earnestly to ensure each child aims for the hope-filled sky will become an outstanding, strong, and admirable person.

We don’t just teach or educate but we transform your child into a wonderful human being.

Admission Enquiry 2022-23

Clara Global School

Why Choose Clara Nursery School in Hadapsar?

The CBSE curriculum is disseminated through highly specialized “Global Classroom Curriculum” which is the result of an extensive research by a dedicated R&D team. We stretch far beyond academics an is specially designed to develop the whole person that spends his life competing with their former self.

• Regular sessions for personality development
• Emotional intelligence
• Problem solving & critical thinking
• Time management
• Leadership responsibilities from young age

Watch Video of Parent Testimonial

Many parents leave satisfied with our methodology of teaching toward the children. Some appreciate the books available in the library, some appreciate the reading skills. When we receive such great feedback, we know we are on the right path. Watch some videos of parents who have shared their experience with CLARA.

Looking Nursery School in Hadapsar, Pune?

New admissions will be starting shortly in 2022 and we cannot wait for you to enroll your child/children in our school. If you are looking at some great nursery school options, then your hunt ends right here. Watch your child advance and let us ensure you that we will strive to do whatever we can to positively transform your child.

Spread the word with other parents around your neighborhood by sharing this link with them and have a look at the fee or simply ask us a question and clear all your worries and doubts with us.